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Afro Continental Bar & Grill is a taste of home away from home. We take you on a delicious journey with our traditional Ghanaian dishes.

Feast on the Cooked Rice and Spinach Stew, the Konkonte, and the Waakye and Salad!

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849 Albion Rd, Etobicoke, ON M9V 1H2, Canada, Toronto, M9V 1H2

We deliver to:

L4H, L4K, L4L, L4T, L4V, L4W, L6P, L6S, M3H, M3J, M3K, M3L, M3M, M3N, M6A, M6L, M6M, M6N, M9A, M9B, M9C, M9L, M9M, M9N, M9P, M9R, M9V, M9W